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American Ninjutsu Warrior Concepts


Shihan David Richardson, an authority on Asian martial arts and Ninjutsu, has seamlessly integrated Bruce Lee's philosophy into his teachings: "The Art of Fighting without Fighting." He has forged a new fusion of martial arts, incorporating the deceptive elements of magic— misdirection, distractions, and surprise even, to mold his practitioners

into "magicians of mayhem."


A.N.W.C.'s training emphasizes the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit, fostering a holistic approach that transcends mere proficiency. A.N.W.C., unlike most systems bound by rigid rules, operates without limitations, recognizing the mind as our most potent weapon. Its techniques are so potent that participating in competitive fight sporting events would lead to disqualification. It prioritize full-body motion and natural movements, allowing its practitioners to evade harm while causing devastation to opponents.


In combat scenarios, it acknowledges four escalating levels, addressing each assertively when necessary. From verbal disputes to life-threatening altercations, A.N.W.C. warriors are prepared to respond with deadly force if avoidance becomes impossible. While diplomacy is encouraged in the verbal stage, once escalated, you must act without hesitation. A.N.W.C's philosophy extends beyond combat to personal development, immersing practitioners in a way of life that transcends fear and embraces personal strengths and limitations. It seamlessly blends ancient wisdom with modern society, adapting to situations with a clear mind and devoid of ego.


The benevolent heart of Ninjutsu, born from exposure to the brink between life and death, holds the key to universal justice and harmony. In these turbulent times, where evil seems to prevail, American Ninjutsu Warrior Concepts serves as a beacon of hope—the art of aiding people in surviving by any means necessary. Join us on the path of triumph, where strength is discovered in love, and the benevolent heart guides us to create harmony and understanding in a tumultuous world.

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